Gold Nuggets For Sale    

We have POUNDS of gold nuggets for sale that have come from claims we have for sale or have sold.  Whether you want a piece of Arizona to stick in your pocket, a conversation piece, or want to invest in gold, you'll find some of the best deals on gold nuggets here!  ALL of the gold you see has been extracted from the ground in its natural form.  Every nugget is unique in character and weight.  Most gold from our area ranges from 86-94% pure gold.  Some "black gold" specimens are available which is a gold nugget that came from a vein with manganese.  These are very rare and from what I have seen, only come from gold in our area.  We also have gold and quartz specimens that are very beautiful.  We can fill almost any size order and we come across uniquely interesting nuggets all of the time!  We try to list as much as we have time for.  Tell us the size range you are looking for and we will send you a picture of nuggets to choose from.  This is proof there is great gold in Arizona and we have great mining claims for sale!  Whether you want to buy a claim to get the gold yourself or want some nuggets, send us an email or give us a call!  Yes, we have fine gold too!

Here are some pictures to enjoy!

Call us at 928-HAS-GOLD that's 928-427-4653!























    Call 928-HAS-GOLD   that's 928-427-4653

email us at

Our Arizona gold is about 86-94% pure and is all natural.  With less than 1% of the worlds gold in nugget form, natural nuggets are very rare.

These nuggets come from people that have bought claims from us and from claims we have mined.

You can also buy our nuggets from the dealer listed below


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