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W1/2 SE1/4 SE1/4 SEC.24 T10N R5W, GSRB&M, Arizona

AMC 436795 unpatented 20 acres

located Between Yarnell & Stanton on Mina Rd(Old Stage Road), Arizona

Commodity: Gold, Silver, Copper Sulfide

Gold Water is on the West side of Rich Hill.  Gold Water has a spring fed creek that flows through it, known as Antelope Creek.  It is part of the Laurella Mine Complex.  It has a tunnel driven to an unknown depth and a prospect about 10 feet deep 213 feet southeast of the tunnel. It historically assayed at  .5 - 3.85 oz gold per ton.   Ore body is comprised of quartz, pyrite, and chalcopyrite in North-South vertical Yavapai Schist.  Most veins in this area produce about 1 1/2 oz of gold per ton.  It has outcroppings of unexplored gold bearing quartz veins in metamorphic schist.  It has an excellent camp site with mature trees for shade during the day.  Most of the time you can dredge or high bank the creek.  There is 250 feet of creek with medium to large boulders.  There are other washes on the claim.  Some of the surrounding claims have been commercially placer mined at one time or another Which is a great indicator that gold has been found here in the past.  This is one of the most diverse claims I've seen with seasonal running water.  You can dredge, highbank, drywash, hardrock and metal detect, all on the same claim.  This might make a nice placer operation site.  The creek flows about 6 months out of the year.  To find a claim with water is very rare in this area.

Route:  Take Route 89 to Stanton Rd E, follow to Old Stage Rd/Mina Rd North.  Follow 1.8 miles to Gold Water Claim on the right.  From Yarnell area Route 89, take Mina Rd South, cross Antelope Creek, and take the first left to Gold Water Claim.

We have compiled a fairly extensive history.

Click here for historical data on this mine (.pdf file)  

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gold_water_01074.jpg (171486 bytes)

The above picture represent the water flow of the claim after about an inch of rain.

gold_water_01107.jpg (315932 bytes) gold_water_01108.jpg (359428 bytes) gold_water_01110.jpg (367098 bytes)

goldwater00905.jpg (83057 bytes)

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gold_water_01149.jpg (343428 bytes)

The above pictures depict the hilltop of the claim and the N-S Quartz veins in Yavapai Schist.

gold_water_02204.jpg (303306 bytes) gold_water_02206.jpg (273905 bytes) gold_water_02207.jpg (248116 bytes)

gold_water_02208.jpg (288438 bytes) gold_water_02209.jpg (271748 bytes) gold_water_02211.jpg (316811 bytes)

The above pictures are the typical water flow of the claim.

gold_water_02302.jpg (127509 bytes)

The lines in this picture depict the approximate boundaries of the claim.

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IMG_4483.JPG (2865108 bytes) IMG_9631.JPG (3359507 bytes) IMG_9632.JPG (2971187 bytes)

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IMG_9668.JPG (2436378 bytes) IMG_9669.JPG (2146044 bytes) IMG_9670.JPG (2452252 bytes)

IMG_9672.JPG (2090995 bytes) IMG_9673.JPG (2452443 bytes) IMG_9674.JPG (2155429 bytes)

IMG_9675.JPG (2112999 bytes)

The 9 pictures below are of the camp area

IMG_9676.JPG (2192751 bytes) IMG_9677.JPG (2247942 bytes) IMG_9678.JPG (1779560 bytes)

IMG_9679.JPG (1856352 bytes) IMG_9681.JPG (1374321 bytes) IMG_9682.JPG (1692505 bytes)

IMG_9683.JPG (1611259 bytes) IMG_9685.JPG (2634820 bytes) IMG_9686.JPG (1799139 bytes)

There is a power pole on the boundary of Gold Water.  It has lines running to the transformer.  It has an APS current pole number tag on it.  This may be an option for grid power for a material processing area and caretaker facility.  I don't know what it would take to drop power, but it looks like it could be done.

IMG_9689.JPG (2197164 bytes)

Above is the trail to NW corner at Antelope Creek


The pictures below were taken of the creek on 2/24/16 for reference

IMG_9692.JPG (1767347 bytes) IMG_9693.JPG (2392431 bytes) IMG_9694.JPG (2394545 bytes)

IMG_9695.JPG (2317391 bytes) IMG_9696.JPG (2332736 bytes) IMG_9697.JPG (2303634 bytes)

IMG_9698.JPG (2233321 bytes) IMG_9699.JPG (2287656 bytes) IMG_9700.JPG (3281181 bytes)

IMG_9701.JPG (2190686 bytes) IMG_9708.JPG (2270564 bytes) IMG_9709.JPG (3101135 bytes)

IMG_9711.JPG (2152756 bytes) IMG_9712.JPG (2144235 bytes) IMG_9713.JPG (2119237 bytes)

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IMG_9717.JPG (3215226 bytes) IMG_9718.JPG (2182965 bytes) IMG_9719.JPG (2098403 bytes)

IMG_9720.JPG (2239896 bytes) IMG_9721.JPG (2244575 bytes) IMG_9723.JPG (2934126 bytes)


NW Corner  N34.19082 W112.72360

SW Corner  N34.18719 W112.72360

SE Corner  N34.18719 W112.72142

NE Corner  N34.19082 W112.72142

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