High Grade  

NE1/4 SW1/4 SEC.27 T10N R5W, Gila Salt River Base and Meridian, AZ

AMC381825 unpatented 40 acres

High Grade have several mines, surface exploration, outcroppings, and good placer.

This claim is located on the south side of Weaver Mountain just off Stanton Road for reasonably easy access.   This claim is a 40 acre placer.

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The following six pictures are from a tourmaline vein on the south line. Probably not gold bearing. 

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The following eight pictures are an outcropping that is probably related to the mine 

as the vein trends in that direction and is only a few hundred feet from it.

We have milled some of this material and it produces free milling gold.

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NW CORNER N34.17992 W112.76725

SW CORNER N34.17631 W112.76725

SE CORNER N34.17631 W112.76287

NE CORNER N34.17992 W112.76287


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