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Mining Equipment for Sale in Arizona

Whether you're looking for heavy equipment or recreational mining equipment, we probably have it or know of a good source for it.

Portable Koleman Power Screen

This make an excellent portable pilot plant or screen for small placer operations.  It uses a fuel efficient 6.5HP engine and is set up to run water from a 4" pump.  It comes with a 2" screen on the top deck and a 3/4" on the lower.  We have it set up to drop the selected material through the screen on to an 8' steel slick-plate before entering the sluice.  The spray bar runs the full width of the slick-plate.  This could also be converted to run spray bars on the deck.  We have used this on every bulk sampling and small mining project we have done and it works excellent.  The bearings on the flywheel have grease fittings and has always been serviced.  The oil was just changed and everything has been gone through.  It is ready for your bulk sampling or small mining project today.  It's portable and can easily be moved with a backhoe.  The sluice is being sold separate.


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The above picture if of the Koleman power screen in action

Keene 20" Commercial Sluice Box

This sluice is being sold without the carpets and mats.  Put the brand in that you prefer.  Used for two seasons on a small mining operation.  It is 44 feet long and comes with the legs and some other accessories.  New price is about $8,500.  For sale at $5,000.

keene_sluice.JPG (1533438 bytes)

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