Pay Dirt    

Stanton, AZ

SW1/4 NE1/4 SEC.34 T10N R5W, Gila Salt River Base and Meridian, AZ

AMC 426218   unpatented 40 acres

Pay Dirt looks like it has potential for a small-med placer operation.

Pay Dirt is 40 acres of fairly level ground but gently sloping southwest, with developed washes and easy access.  There is a large presence of black sands and alluvial quartz.  We have hand sampled this claim and it has produced good results for us.  If you are looking for a site to start a small mining operation, this may be it.  It is located just outside Congress, Arizona which is about one hour Northwest of Phoenix on Route 89.  This summary depicts its location via topo maps, satellite images, geologic maps, and photographs.  

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Below is a hydrographic map of Pay Dirt

Below is a geologic map of Pay Dirt. 

The Northern edge of the claim shows minor Precambrian granite formation and major placer is quaternary sediments.  

The geologic map below of Pay Dirt shows the intersection of four different zones approximately where the mine portal is located.

Bonus!  There is a mine tunnel driven west on the claim in about the location described on the following map.  It has the same general characteristics as the ore we see on the Rincon Mine area claims.

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Pictures from sampling Pay Dirt



GPS Coordinates

NW CORNER  N34.16908 W112.76288

SW CORNER  N34.16547 W112.76288

NE CORNER  N34.16908 W112.75851

SE CORNER  N34.16547 W112.75852


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