Prospector's Paradise Mine     

Approximately 40 total acres located in Octave, Arizona

AMC396028 Prospector's Paradise SE1/4 SE1/4 SEC.8 T9N R4W, GSRB&M, AZ


The Prospector's Paradise Placer Mine is located about 60 miles Northwest of Phoenix in central Arizona on the outskirts of the Bradshaw Mountains.  It's in the Rich Hill/Weaver Mining District in a proven gold producing area.  The Beehive mine and Octave mine are a short distance to the North of this site and probably contribute to the gold located on site.  The Octave lode mine has about 25 miles of workings and was the largest producer in the area.  The geology of the area consists of Pre-Cambrian Granite and Schist, mantled by Tertiary gravels.  Pre-Cambrian to Tertiary quartz veins within these granites and schist provide the gold that erosion has concentrated into area washes.  These veins are also the source of the lode deposits in the area.  The streams and washes generally drain to the south as the higher elevations are to the north.  The veins are up to three feet wide and occasionally carry mineralized oxide ores.  Black sands (Magnetite), Hematite, Limonite, Olivine and Quartz are present in the wash areas.

There are three excellent books on this area written by Dr. Erik Melchiorre: 

Rich Hill-The History of Arizona's Most Amazing Gold District

Octave Mine- The Gold Queen of Rich Hill Arizona.

Gold Atlas of Rich Hill, Arizona

All three books are available on Amazon from time to time and offer valuable information.


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The following map will give you the relative location of the mine site with regards to larger cities like Prescott which is about 43 miles to the North  and Phoenix which is about 60 miles to the Southeast.  Wickenburg is a fairly large town with most necessary services available and about 15 minutes from Congress.  The Prospector's Paradise Mine is located east of the Town of Congress.  Take Stanton Rd to Octave Rd and follow to mine site.





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