Scenic Gold   

    N1/2SE1/4NW1/4 SEC.15  T8N R5W, Gila Salt River Base and Meridian, AZ

AMC439970  20 ACRE unpatented placer gold mining claim  

Location:  About an hour from Phoenix, and just minutes from Wickenburg, AZ, 85390

Route:  From Phoenix, take Rt60 to Rt93 to Scenic Loop Rd(195 mile marker).  Follow for about 3 1/4 miles to Y in road and go right, follow for about 800 feet and make the next right.  Follow to the claim

Access: 2WD




With about 1500 feet of developing creek on the East side of Scenic Loop Rd and about 660 feet on the West side, you will be hard pressed to find a claim with easier access, plenty of creek, and plenty of gold.  It is truly 2WD access with places to park and camp nearby.  The picture tells a story of the claim but it is far more impressive to see in real life.  Bring your drywasher, recirculating sluice, and metal detector for some great times.

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This claim is located in the Black Hills area about 5 miles directly North of Wickenburg.  There are places near the claim to camp if you want.  It has great access and an interestingly bizarre amount of geologic activity for the amateur geologist to take in, from metamorphic to volcanic events and more.  The dirt in this area has less iron  and clay in it, which tends to make it easier to drywash.  Wet washing is easier because there is less clay to thicken the water.  Also noted is much more caliche, which acts as a barrier to keep gold from dropping further toward bedrock.  As you will see in a picture toward the bottom, caliche traps the gold so nuggets are often found near the surface on top of the caliche.  We did bring in a geologist that confirmed the presence of gold bearing quartz in the area trending from the Black Hills west at about 272 degrees.  We have been exploring this area for nearly 10 years and always come up with some awesome specimens of gold and other minerals.  In addition to gold, .......... jasper, agate, green tourmaline, black tourmaline, topaz, garnet, epidot, and other minerals are pretty common in this area.  

All corners are staked with white 5' tall PVC pipe and aluminum tag with claim name and which corner it is stamped in the tag

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The wall of the creek shows natural layers of gravels and the creek is about 1,500 feet

 long on the East side of the road and 660 feet on the West side of the road

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Black sand in the creek 

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Great Creeks on both sides of the road to dig for gold

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Plenty of Trumpet Plants on the claim as a good indicator of mineral rich soil.

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GPS Corner Coordinates

You can COPY & PASTE these coordinates into Google Earth for your own view of the claim.

NW CORNER N34.03971 W112.76764

SW CORNER N34.03790 W112.76764

SE CORNER N34.03790 W112.76326

NE CORNER N34.03971 W112.76326




Have Questions?  Give us a call 7 DAYS A WEEK

1-928-427-4653  or email us at


NOTE:  3D models, renderings, and satellite images do NOT always precisely depict the exact boundaries of the claim.  They are generally close, but when accuracy counts, walk the ground with a GPS.