W1/2 NW1/4 SW1/4 SEC. 27 T10N R5W, Gila Salt River Base and Meridian, AZ

AMC440515 unpatented 20 acres 


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Located just off Stanton Rd, this claim has pretty easy access.  From Route 89 in Congress, go 2.7 miles East on Stanton Road, then take the trail to the left for about .7 miles to the West line of the claim.  Most of the time the trail is good for 2WD.

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Located in the alluvial fan of the Weaver Mountains, this claim has got great washes and places to prospect.  There are lenses of ancient red dirt paleo-placers that run through this claim.   Heavy black sands in all of the washes.  It has gold bearing quartz on the claim which makes the potential for specimens great.  The quartz you find is weathered out of the veins higher on the mountain that have been productively mined.  It's a heck of a claims and a great location to camp too.  Two wheel drive access most of the time.  Drywashing, recirculating sluice, and metal detecting are all methods I'd use for gold recovery here.  It's got plenty of good washes.

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GPS Corner Coordinates

NW  CORNER N34.17992 W112.77161

SW  CORNER N34.17629 W112.77159

SE  CORNER N34.17629 W112.76943

NE  CORNER N34.17992 W112.76943




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