This is a reclamation project we did at our expense.

 We purchased a BLM claim in the Rich Hill area.  There were tons of trash left from a prior mining operation some time in the 1980's.  We contacted the Phoenix Field Office and discussed it with them.  They were aware of the site but did not have the funds to clean it up.  So with their approval, we took the project on ourselves and when we got done, it was a beautiful thing!

We've smashed and removed hundreds of 55 gallon drums, dozens of tires, hundreds of feet of pipe, among other things.  There were tons and tons of garbage.  We've spent hundreds of man hours, fuel, and dump fees cleaning up this site.

Most people don't understand how many other things we do, whether it's road improvement or a major clean up project like this.

We spent tens of thousand of dollars in cleaning up this old mine site.

Additionally, we donated $2,500. to the ADMMR to digitize Mr. Sells notes, maps, and historical documents of Arizona mines.

Most people don't realize how many other things we do!

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