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Jerry started back in 2007 to fulfill a need for valuable and accessible claims among prospectors and commercial miners. With over 15 years of trusted experience in the historic Rich Hill, Stanton, and Wickenburg areas, he has invaluable knowledge of mining on all levels. He's run several of his own mine sites and done consulting for many companies in the mining industry. 

Noah takes pride in client satisfaction and has a love for mining. When he was a kid he dredged in North Carolina and Indiana with his dad. For over 9 years he's enjoyed working with customers by finding them the claim that suits their needs and helping them get the most out of their experience mining in Arizona. 


  • We strive for you to have the best experience possible throughout the process of buying a claim, mining it, and long after that

  • We offer a large variety of mining claims with unique attributes to suit your individual needs

  • We sample all of our claims to show there's PROVEN gold on every single one

  • We meet our clients at their convenience 


Whether you pan, sluice, dredge, drywash, metal detect, or rock hound...


We've got great claims for you to choose from!

Prospecting dates back thousands of years and has in recent years expressed itself in the GOLD RUSH of the southwest.  The saguaro cactus, pick and shovel, gold pan heaped with nuggets, and a smiling miner capture the fun and adventure of owning and working your own mining claim.  For many people (including us), camping, prospecting, and exploring the beauty of Arizona is a dream come true.  We want to help bring your dream to life!  We offer reasonably priced, quality claims, legally staked, plenty of gold, and ready for your inspection. The claims offered have been sampled and have proven gold, not a patch of barren sand in the middle of nowhere.  As in buying real estate, location, location, the key.  Good claims are kept in families for generations and that definitely makes it difficult for the average prospector from getting one of these good claims.  We seek out these claims and make them available to you!

We take pride in happy customers!


We always encourage you to prospect a claim before buying it.

We are proud to be a part of the historical preservation of mining related resources.

This is a reclamation project we did at our expense.

 We purchased a BLM claim in the Rich Hill area.  There were tons of trash left from a prior mining operation some time in the 1980's.  We contacted the Phoenix Field Office and discussed it with them.  They were aware of the site but did not have the funds to clean it up.  So with their approval, we took the project on ourselves and when we got done, it was a beautiful thing!


We smashed and removed hundreds of 55 gallon drums, dozens of tires, hundreds of feet of pipe, among other things.  There were tons and tons of garbage.  We've spent hundreds of man hours, fuel, and dump fees cleaning up this site.

We spent tens of thousand of dollars in cleaning up this old mine site.


Most people don't understand how many other things we do, whether it's road improvement or a major clean up project like this.

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