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Poncho Villa 1

NE1/4 SEC. 27 T10N R5W, GSRB&M, Arizona

AZ101367353 Unpatented 20.66 Acres

Poncho Villa 2

NE1/4 NW1/4 SEC. 27 T10N R5W, GSRB&M, Arizona

AZ101367354 Unpatented 20.66 Acres

 Located in Congress, AZ

The Blue Bucket Mine is located on the south face of the Bradshaw Mountains and just outside of Congress Arizona. With possibly thousands of feet of workings, the tailing piles suggest it was a sizable operation and it does have proven free milling gold based on the age of the original workings. The Blue Bucket mine dates back to some of the oldest workings in the area and predates modern Topo maps. There are foundations from old buildings, probably milling related. This is likely a part of the Yarnell complex of gold bearing veins. Because of its location and potential values, it could be an easy mine to bring into production.


GPS Corner Coordinates

You can COPY& PASTE these coordinates into Google Earth for your own view of the claim.

Poncho Villa 1:

NW CORNER N34.18153 W112.76183 

SW CORNER N34.18018 W112.76071 

SE CORNER N34.18255 W112.75662 

NE CORNER N34.18389 W112.75777 

WEST CENTER LINE N34.18087 W112.76124

EAST CENTER LINE N34.18323 W112.75719

Poncho Villa 2:

NW CORNER N34.18288 W112.76296 

SW CORNER N34.18153 W112.76183 

SE CORNER N34.18389 W112.75777 

NE CORNER N34.18524 W112.75890

WEST CENTER LINE N34.18221 W112.76237

EAST CENTER LINE N34.18457 W112.75833

All corners are staked with white 5' tall PVC pipe and aluminum tag with claim name and which corner it is stamped in the tag.

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