S1/2 SW1/4 NE1/4 SEC. 15 T8N R5W, GSRB&M, Arizona

AMC458835 Unpatented 20 Acres

 Located in Wickenburg, AZ

Ready for adventure?  This claim has a lot in store for you!  Great location, easy access, river rounded rocks, good gold, and a plethora of mineral specimens. Located a short distance off of Scenic Loop Road, access doesn't get any better than this!  The trail runs right through the claim so you have great access.  Trumpet plants (a great indicator of mineral rich soil) are scattered throughout the claim along with many different mineral specimens like quarts, red jasper, and olivine to pick through while your sitting there eating lunch.  Get that shovel out and sink it in the ground.  Put your drywasher or recirculating sluice to work and at the end of the day, you'll have gold in the box.  Chase AU offers the opportunity for a mixture of prospecting methods and mineral specimen collecting.  As the pictures show, there is sloping ridge that develops into washes and offer locations to metal detecting, drywashing, and run a recirculating sluice.  I've found nice gold and quartz specimens on this claim, along with Malachite, Jasper, and other minerals.  There is a fence that divides the claim.  There is access from both sides if you don't want to climb over or under the fence (which is an option).  A folding ladder like the little giant is a perfect option.  This is one of the finer locations I have found for specimens.


GPS Corner Coordinates

You can COPY& PASTE these coordinates into Google Earth for your own view of the claim.

NW CORNER N34.03790 W112.76326

SW CORNER  N34.03609 W112.76326

SE CORNER N34.03609 W112.75890

NE CORNER  N34.03790 W112.75890

All corners are staked with white 5' tall PVC pipe and aluminum tag with claim name and which corner it is stamped in the tag.