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W1/2 NE1/4 NE1/4 SEC. 25 T10N R5W, GSRB&M, Arizona

AMC436793 Unpatented 20 Acres

Located between Yarnell & Stanton on Mina Road (Old Stage Road), Arizona

Gold Ambitions is on the West side of Rich Hill.   Ore body is comprised of quartz, pyrite, and chalcopyrite in North-South vertical Yavapai Schist.  Most veins in this area produce about 1 1/2 oz of gold per ton.  It has outcroppings of explored gold bearing quartz veins in metamorphic schist and some have been stripped down 10 feet.  Some of this claim has been commercially placer mined at one time or another, which is a great indicator that gold has been found here in the past.  This could be permitted for a decent small mining operation.  There are good areas for processing material, some of it has been disturbed in the past which usually makes the permitting go easier.  There appears to be grid electric on the north boundary area.  It would be nice to see a small placer operation on this site.  Also on a smaller scale, you can highbank, drywash, hardrock and metal detect, all on the same claim.  Gold Ambitions has numerous outcroppings of quartz veins.  Some are so large they can be seen from satellite imagery.  There is a spring up the hill to the East which at one time looks like someone ran PVC pipe for water to this claim.

This site has all of the attributes associated with finding gold in our area. 

1. On Rich Hill. 2. Red placers. 3. Gold bearing quartz. 4. Abundant trumpet plants. 5. Black sands 6. Historically gold has been found here.

GPS Corner Coordinates

You can COPY& PASTE these coordinates into Google Earth for your own view of the claim.

NW CORNER N34.18718 W112.72360

SW CORNER N34.18356 W112.72360

SE CORNER N34.18356 W112.72142

NE CORNER N34.18718 W112.72142

All corners are staked with white 5' tall PVC pipe and aluminum tag with claim name and which corner it is stamped in the tag.

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