N1/2 SW1/4 SE1/4 SEC. 10 T8N R5W, GSRB&M, Arizona

AMC450566 Unpatented 20 Acres

 Located in Wickenburg, AZ

Located directly off of Scenic Loop Road, access doesn't get any better than this!  Trumpet plants (a great indicator of mineral rich soil) are scattered throughout the claim along with many different rock specimens like quarts, red jasper, olivine, etc. There are two separate washes on the claim. A short cattle fence runs North-South though the claim just West of the East wash wash, so access is mostly unobstructed.  With 2WD road access and just steps from the washes, access is very good. There are several parking spots off of the road as well.

GPS Corner Coordinates

You can COPY& PASTE these coordinates into Google Earth for your own view of the claim.

NW CORNER N34.04690 W112.76321 

SW CORNER N34.04513 W112.76321

SE CORNER N34.04513 W112.75889 

NE CORNER N34.04690 W112.75889 

All corners are staked with white 5' tall PVC pipe and aluminum tag with claim name and which corner it is stamped in the tag.